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At ARP Consulting Group we look forward to help entrepreneurs around different industries and communities by investing in their businesses, thus providing a source of capital and partnership that would help them overcome new levels.
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We are interested in providing not only financial resources but also our knowledge, capabilities, and experience that our team has to offer. Every business is shaped in a different way and requires different strategies that, when properly identified, lead the businesses path to success.

Our Mission

As Mark Zuckerberg once said, “Entrepreneurship is about creating change, not just companies.” We are eager to take part in this change and we are committed to continually try to put ourselves into that path.


Why we believe this matter and how it helps the big picture

1 The importance of entrepreneurs and risk takers in a society

We believe entrepreneurship is the driving force of the markets. Entrepreneurs are not only the basis for the creation of knowledge or technology that lean a society towards progress, they are essentially what allows a system, could be a nation, city, or even a community, to walk towards the path of antifragility.

By this (antifragile) we mean anything that gains from disorder, in other words, all that ends up better than it was after being exposed to a shock.

2 Incentivizing entrepreneurship and (rational) risk takers

This is accomplished not only by ideas, education, or other idiosyncrasies that a system might have, but because of the cultural and ideological embodiment that the entrepreneurs bring to society, especially toward risk taking decisions. In other words, it is not just a society with exceptional thinkers who would never take a risk in their lives. It is a society with individuals who have a positive attitude toward rational risk taking, along with everything else, what makes a system thrive. By rationality we mean the avoidance of systemic ruin.

3 The greatest master… Trial and error.

This process feeds from trial and error decision making which ultimately generates natural knowledge that allows, between many other things, a continuing meliorism in the allocation of resources. Thus, without risk taking individuals (entrepreneurs) systemic improvement could not follow.

4 Sustainability is essential

We understand that the process just described is dynamic and complex. It is not just the present that
determines the culture, knowledge, and technology of a society but it is also our past generation that have made what we have possible. It is in our conscious to use the knowledge that past generations have created in the best way possible. Additionally, to consider that the best way possible would mean also to acknowledge our future generations. We need to be accountable for the sustainability of our decisions and to be sure to not fall into systemic ruin, not even in the future.

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